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We are granite countertop experts specializing in bathroom and kitchen remodeling in and around the Jacksonville, FL area. We are proud to offer luxury cabinets and granite countertops for your kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel or a full remodel, our team will help enhance the appearance of your home.

Natural Countertop Materials

Granite – A natural stone, that truly stands the test of time, and is a reasonable price for Heavens work. Granite is the leader for stone countertops because it is so durable, with a wide array of colors and unique patterns. It really doesn’t get much cooler then coming from the side of a mountain! This material is heat and scratch resistant, and the easiest type of countertop to repair. You can find everything from plain looking stone to pieces of art that just can’t be captured from engineered stones. Natural stones do require a sealer, which is provided during or after installation and more advanced sealers can be purchased to give a 20 year or even lifetime warranty. It is highly recommended to stay away from harsh solvents and cleaners containing vinegar, lemon juice, or ammonia, as these types of chemicals can wear down the sealer that is protecting your granite. Repetitive applications of sealer when the countertops are already fully sealed can produce a haze on the countertops, as the application of polishes or waxes can, as well. Your countertops only need to be cleaned with a few drops of dawn dish soap and a clean smooth towel. Razor blades can be used as cleaning glass to scrape away any foreign materials. Pairs well with traditional cabinet doors having a recessed center panel in dark or medium stain.

Marble – Some would say this material is the Greek God of countertop materials, used for ancient temples and statues. In addition to the high cost of this material, Marble is a softer natural stone, it is vulnerable to scratches, chips, and bruising. Unmistakable elegance requires a higher maintenance, including frequent sealing, care during use and the use of only approved cleaners. This material in generally sold with a honed finish to hide the age and wear of the material, accompanied by edges softened with a curved profile to prevent chipping. If you can embrace the inevitable signs of wear and enjoy the added character the patina adds, this is the perfect stone for you, as this stone will become scratched, etched, chipped, bruised and worn. The patina it will take on over time must be an expectation that you embrace.

Dolomite – A comparable natural stone to marble, this material is slightly harder and has a lot of character! Fissures are very common in this stone due to the amount of crystals and sparkling features. Fissures can be commonly mistaken as cracks but are considered a natural occurrence that add character to the material. This stone requires a sealer because it is a naturally porous material. You should avoid using any acidic cleaners as citric acid etches marble and dolomite stones. Many Dolomites are majestic with sparkling waves of color and can be a beautiful eye catcher in your home!

Quartzite –This material is naturally created by pressure and heat, making it super hard, extremely dense, and durable. Quartzite is fast becoming the most preferred natural stone in the industry. This stone requires advanced sealer due to the additional pores in the material. There are so many natural masterpieces and designs in this stone. Serious works of art are captured in this material. This stone is very similar to Granite, heat resistant and scratch resistant. Quartzite is literally Metamorphic Stone! Cleaning this material is similar to other natural stones with sealers, you have to be mindful that your using cleaners that do not damage the seal or this could require more maintenance over the years. Pairs well with White Shaker Cabinet style doors.

Soapstone –This material is commonly used in chemistry labs due to its impervious nature to acid or liquids. Normally a black with white veins stone (when oiled), this stone develops significant patina with age and must be oiled monthly to maintain a consistent black appearance. Drying out to a lighter gray color when not oiled, scratches and wear will show when oil evaporates. This material has a velvety soft feel, like rubbing a countertop of soap. Soapstone is luxurious and very durable; Soft, but tough.

Man Made Countertop Materials

Quartz – This material is a mix of minerals, colors, and resins and is meant to mimic stone. Quartz is extremely strong, resistant to scratching or staining and requires very little maintenance. This stone comes in multiple different designs, some that you cannot find naturally. Quartz is not porous, so it does not normally require any sealer. Due to the materials used to make this stone, it is NOT heat resistant, but chips are very unlikely because this stone is so strong. Quartz is a very popular option because of its durability and unique designs that are available. This material is very consistent, without fissures or natural blemishes. You have a wider variety of cleaners that can be used on this material because it doesn’t require a sealant.

Porcelain Slabs – This material has been used for flooring and shower walls for years. Smaller format tile has been used for countertops for hundreds of years, at least. Now we have countertop slab sized porcelain tiles that are able to be digitally shaped by saws and waterjets to allow for mitered edges (as tall of an edge as you’d like) and waterfall dropped ends that show off the gorgeous patterns and art of the slab. The ultimate in durability, these premium options are impervious to staining, completely resistant to scratching and enormously heat resistant. Difficult to fabricate and install, but the best option for durability and no maintenance for a countertop inside or outside.

SilestoneThis material is the most cutting-edge hybrid surface on the market. This surface can resist staining caused by lemon juice, coffee, wine, and other daily products. Silestone is highly resistant to scratches due to the resins and adhesives that make it an incredibly hard and durable stone. The resins and minerals used to make this material can withstand moderately high temperatures but are not completely heat proof, excessive heat will burn the resin and damage the countertop. Pairs well with contemporary European style kitchens having slab doors.

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