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What are the best Walk-in-Shower Tile & Style and Options?

White Subway tile from the floor to the ceiling, inside and outside the shower walls.
Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles For a Unique Style customized walls with unique sizes, colors, and textures.
Glass tiles can actually make your shower appear larger and more spacious because they reflect light.
Granite, slate, onyx, and travernyte walls create a naturally relaxed luxurious feel and will boost the appeal.

Could a plastic shower reduce your home's resale value?

From creaking, cracking, drainage to mold and mildew, are acrylic showers and baths thee best bathroom option?
In 2020 Laminated shower wall panels and fiberglass tubs are becoming more popular as a low-cost shower remodel, however there are numerous complains from homeowners causing to reconsider the “cheap shower” solutions.

Many realtors are now removing acrylic and fiberglass showers before placing homes on the market.

With a plethora of “walk-in-showers” and “tub-to shower conversions” being advertised on TV and Radio, many first time homeowners and seniors are considering plastic baths as a suitable alternative to a custom built tile or natural stone shower system. Not all Showers are created equal.
If you are considering an acrylic shower or fiberglass shower in Jacksonville you should learn of the disadvantages in order to make an informed decision. One of the primary complains of Acrylic shower systems is that the pan bends and squeaks when you step in your shower, this leaves many homeowners concerned of the long-term structural durability. Some thin shower pans are known to bend and crack causing a chain reaction of plumbing problems in the bathroom.
Other common complaints with acrylic showers are drain problems and moisture buildup behind the shower panel system, causing mold and mildew to accumulate and require structural wall repairs. Some plumbers have began recommending ‘solid acrylic tub’ backed with fiberglass systems, however many suffer from the same issues.
If your acrylic tub has draining problems, water could immediately rush to one side of the tub, or just stay pooled in the corner. Some homeowners have come to the conclusion that all acrylic tubs have imperfections.

To explore all your bathroom option from dependable acrylic tubs to custom stone showers – give s a call for a free in home design consultation – Greystone Kitchens @ 904-213-9100

Grab Bars or Benches or Both?

Give a Hand!

Home accidents are most likely to occur in a bathroom. According to studies conducted by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) more than 230,000 nonfatal bathroom injuries among people over age 15 are treated in emergency rooms each year.
Injuries occur most frequently in or around a tub or shower. Women are more likely to experience injuries than men. Overall, injury rates increase with age, especially accidents where a person slips and falls near a toilet.

Grab bars provide stability for you when using a tub, shower or toilet, grab bars can be installed horizontally, vertically or at an angle (consider installing a grab bar at an angle near a shower seat) and must be installed in wall studs.

Have a Seat!

A shower seat, whether it is a built-in bench or a wall mounted stool can help you relax in your bath.
From a Small corner shower seat to a classic window sill shower bench we can help you get the most functions an feature from you shower design & remodel. Call us today @ 904-213-9100

Select a Walk-in-Shower Bathroom Project Gallery:

All You Need to Know About Walk-in Showers, Walk-in Tub Hybrids, Shower Enclosures, doorless showers, frameless glass shower doors and more!

Converting an old bathtub to a walk-in shower for safety and aesthetics reasons is not only a wise decision, it is also a good investment.

A walk-in shower with new materials can create the illusion of more space and give the bathroom a brighter appearance. Walk-in showers and tubs can offer an upgrade to the classic shower-bathtub combination and help make bathing safe and convenient for you during the golden years.

Walk-in showers are extremely popular in Jacksonville Florida these days, and for good reason: they’re spacious, elegant and timeless. They’re also very easy to keep clean, thanks to stain- and moisture-resistant tile. They offer a wide range of opportunities, from rainfall shower heads to steam baths. And, most of all, they’re beautiful in any bathroom, no matter your style.

The cleaning advantages couldn’t be any clearer; with easy-to-clean tile and groutless slabs for shower interiors, grime and dirt stay way saving you from extended cleaning time. . You can also eliminate dirty, moldy shower curtains that need to be changed often. Call us today for a free in home consultation, we are a general contractor, and we are a one stop shop! 904-213-9100



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